Free Ethics Workshop

Making ethical decisions in organisations is a difficult prospect. This is partly because many incumbent employees have no frame of reference about ethical decision-making, or the organisational culture/climate overrides ethical decision-making in favour of a profit motive.

This workshop aims to assist individuals to make better ethical decisions by using ethical decision-making heuristic (mental) frameworks.

In this workshop, we will:
  • Briefly define what ethics is and is not.
  • Identify why ethical standard may be difficult for individuals.
  • Evaluate the common sources of ethical standards.
  • Consider how to put these sources together when making ethical decisions.
  • Provide an integrated decision-making framework for ethical decision-making and its evaluation.

Additionally, we will also explore how ethical decision-making can be overridden in organisations by certain social forces and how to defend against these. By being sensitised to the effect of social forces and their impact on moral/ethical decision-making, and using an ethical decision-making framework we hope to improve the capacity of individuals attending this workshop to reason morally and reduce the influence of external forces on the quality of their decisions.


Dr. Paul Vorster
Dr. Leon Van Vuuren


Wednesday, 10 May 2017 from 14.00 until 16.30. The Kruger gate closes at 17.30, and it takes about 30 minutes to get there from Skukuza. This should give you enough time to leave if you still wish to do so on the Wednesday afternoon.


5 ethics CEUs have been approved for this 2.5 hour workshop.

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